Which Tapestry version does Tap4FX support?

Tap4FX is for Tapestry 4.


How do I install TapFX?

Two ways:

  • Download the jar(or zip) and add the jar to your project. In your .application file, add <library id="tapfx" specification-path="/net/sf/tapfx/tapfx.library"/>
  • Using the useful TapestryPalette eclipse plugin, add a Remote Library (Window->Preferences->Tapestry Palette->Remote Libraries) using the following url: . Then, from the Palette view, drag'n'drop TapFX into your .application file.


Why does Cache underperform (or I'm using Cache to surround a tapestry component that displays data from the DB, and the DB is always accessed)?

The Cache component only interacts with your page template. It does NOT alter the execution of your page's pageBeginRender or other such initialization methods. So, if you fetch all the DB data in that method, you aren't really gaining anything.

If, however, DB access is done lazily (i.e. not in pageBeginRender, but only when the enclosed component needs them) or within the component, then Cache will 100% work. This means that in order to make good use of the Cache component, you may have to alter a bit your page's code.

Why am I having problems with the size and largeSize parameters of MachoBar?

In the TapFX version for Tapestry 4, those parameters have changed type. Their type is now int instead of java.lang.String.

So, in your html templates, you have to use size="ognl:36", instead of size="36".

How do I style OutlookBar or FilteringTable?

To see how these components can be styled, use theme="default". This option will automatically include a default css in your page which can handle and style those 2 components. From then on, you should take a look at that css and derive your own.