Which Tapestry version does TapFX - Easy Insert support?

Tapestry 4 is required - either 4.0 or 4.1.


How do I install TapFX - Easy Insert?

Just drop the supplied jar into your classpath.

Can I change the prefix used ? Can I use #{...} instead of ${...} ?

Yes! You'll have to add a contribution to configuration point: EasyInsert.Prefix

Here's an example - place this inside your hivemodule.xml:

<contribution configuration-id="EasyInsert.Prefix">

<use prefix="#" />


Using TapFX - Easy Insert

Using TapFX - Easy Insert
How do I use TapFX - Easy Insert?

In your tapestry templates, you can now use the following:

  • ${} . This will become: <span jwcid="@Insert" value=""/>
  • <div class="${global.class}">content</div> . This will become: <div jwcid="@Any" class="ognl:global.class">content</div>
  • <div jwcid="@MyDiv" class="${global.class}">content</div> . This will become: <div jwcid="@MyDiv" class="ognl:global.class">content</div>

The last 2 features were added to version 0.15, and are still being tested.